AIE™ Cancer Yellow

AIE Cancer Yellow
AIE Cancer Yellow
Product Description

The product can target and illuminate only the cancer cell mitochondria

The product has been tested working on:

  • Human cervix HeLa
  • Human breast MDA-MB-231
  • Human lung HCC827
  • Human breast MCF-7
  • Human lung A549
  • Human liver HepG2
  • Human lung PC-9

The product can be excited by 405 nm laser of confocal microscope after co-cultured with cell and the greenish-yellow signal can be collected above 500 nm.

The product can be used for quick cell imaging as well as fixed localized imaging.

The product can serve as a photosensitizer to generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) to induce cell apoptosis, which can be used for photodynamic therapy.

Recommended Storage Condition
Store away from sunlight at 2-8 °C
Product Parameters
Product code:
AIE Cancer Yellow
Mitochondria staining and induce cell apoptosis
Yellow powder
Imaging Platform:
Fluorescence microscope, Confocal microscope
Quantity and Package:
10 μmol
Detection method:
Limit of Detection :
Excitation ⁄ Emission (nm):
430 ± 20 ⁄ 560 ± 50
Recommended Transport Condition:
Room temperature
Product Declaration:
Only used for research. Do not apply to any detection procedure.
Screw cap microtube
Recommended Storage Condition