AIE™ Cardiolipin Probe

AIE Cardiolipin Probe
AIE Cardiolipin Probe
Product Description

  • This product can be used for cardiolipin (CL) detection and quantification.
  • This product has excellent brightness and higher sensitivity when compared to 10-Nonyl acridine orange (NAO), the commercial probes on the current market.
Recommended Storage Condition
Store away from sunlight at 2-8 °C
Product Parameters
Product code:
AIE Cardiolipin
Detection of cardiolipin
Yellow powder
Imaging Platform:
Fluorescence microscope
Quantity and Package:
10 μmol
Detection method:
Limit of Detection :
Excitation ⁄ Emission (nm):
350±20 / 480±30
Recommended Transport Condition:
Room temperature
Product Declaration:
Only used for research. Do not apply to any detection procedure.
Screw cap microtube
Recommended Storage Condition