AIE™ Glucose

New AIE™ Glucose
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AIE Glucose
AIE Glucose
Product Description

  • Quick detection of glucose in aqueous solution.
  • The yellow signal was exited at 365 nm and detected at 540 nm after adding samples into probe solution.
  • High sensitivity and selectivity for glucose detection.
  • Superior anti-interference compared with the glucose detection agents on market (capable of detecting the glucose in serum).
Recommended Storage Condition
Store away from sunlight at 2-8 °C
Product Parameters
Product code:
AIE™ Glucose
Imaging Platform:
Fluorescence microscope, Confocal microscope
Quantity and Package:
10 μmol
Detection method:
Limit of Detection :
0.5 µM – 1 µM
Excitation ⁄ Emission (nm):
344 ± 30 ⁄ 540 ± 20
Recommended Transport Condition:
Room temperature
Product Declaration:
Only used for research. Do not apply to any detection procedure.
Screw cap microtube
Recommended Storage Condition